Commercial Utility Brokers

Our professional energy consultants and utility brokers specialise in helping large commercial corporations get the lowest rates possible. We assist both the public and private sector companies manage all their utility expenses including gas, electricity, water and insurance.

We primarily focusing on the energy side to negotiate contracts with the large power companies. We are usually able to reduce costs substantially and some of our clients have seen large reductions, sometimes up to 60%.

If you already use an energy broker then why not try our services - for free?

We are truely independent and will always present prices from an impartial point of view. Our aim is simple - to get the lowest possible tariff rates and to help reduce consumption.

Our Energy Consulting Services

Our services are free of charge to any business that uses over 500,000 kWh of energy per year. We are able to do this because we receive a small commission on any tariff that you switch to. You are completely free to choose which ever tariff option you prefer or even go with another broker even if you have used our services.

We simply want to help larger businesses get the best deals on their energy as well as help them reduce consumption through our premier energy management systems.

Our Credentials

Starting in 2009 and based in the Northwest of England we now have over 2,000 active customers who use our services. We provide reporting tools to other brokers and work closely with all the main energy providers. Some of our customers include:

  • BAM Facilities Management Company.
  • Middlesborough Football Club.
  • Blackpool Football Club.
  • Peninsula Business Services.

Please contact us to see how we can help your business. Enter your details on the form on this page, or call us for free on 0800 690 6435

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