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As the typical electricity bill for most business users appears to be increasing it's prudent to compare the best deals in the market. The average charge for UK small business energy costs is around £2,500 per year whereas large industrial premises can be 100 times that amount.

Most tariffs have a commercial energy standing charge of between 22p to 70p per day depending on your meter. Unit rates per kWh are between 8p and 12p depending on usage (all subject to VAT at the current rate of 20%).

Generally business renewal tariffs are stable but if you do not renew your prices could be double what are mentioned above. It's therefore critical you compare you options at least 90 days before your contract end date and switch to avoid costly rollover contracts.

The graph shows what happens to a SME if they terminate their contract but don't take out a new tariff. The energy company will place them on an "out of contract" tariff which presents prices 142% higher than standard rates.

We can help all businesses renew their contracts in time and on the best deals available. The service is free and you are under no-obligation to act on our suggestions.

Rewewals, Connections and Metering Services

If you have received your electricity renewal letter from British Gas or other supplier then it's time to act. You have just a few weeks to terminate your current tariff and take out a new one. If you need help at any time please contact us.

For new electricity supply business options you are likely to be placed on deemed rates. These are rates are when you have taken over a new supply at your premises and you haven't signed a contract with the new supplier. These rates are 79% higher than the average so it's important to check what's available immediately.

We also offer metering services to ensure you have the most tariff efficient meter for your property. If you use energy during the evenings or weekend then it may be wise to have a tariff with a rate structure that reflects your demand. Our metering division will find the best solution to take advantage of lower pricing models.

Guide to Comparing Prices

The find the business energy deal it's best to compare unit prices per kilowatt hour of all the major providers. Even Martin Lewis of moneysavingexpert understands how important it is for commercial organisations to check electricity prices from the whole market.

General tips include to use a brokering service who have knowledge and experience of the industry. They understand the that lowest offers are generally from British Gas or Eon for SMEs. Scottish Power generally offers favourable rates for half hourly metered customers. The others such as EDF, SSE and Npower generally target the domestic residential market.

All companies pay VAT at the full rate and have to pay a climate change levy (CCL) for standard energy. You can opt for green energy business tariffs that come from renewable sources and exempt you from the CCL.

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