Get Free Industry Leading Software to Manage Your Energy Usage

You Could Save Your Business £150,000+ Each Year

If you use over 500,000 kWh of electricity or gas in your business then you'll want advance management tools to help reduce your costs.

With just a 10% decrease in consumption, your business profits could improve by as much as £150,000 per year depending on your usage.

What if you could have a desktop energy management program and have all the data and analysis at your finger tips. Just think how much you will save your in just a few months.

Real Time Access Over Your Entire Organisation

Our "Premier Pro" software provides you with real time access to your company's usage data and is presented in various useful formats.

The software integrates directly with your existing half hourly meter to automatically analyse the information and produce timely reports.

You can also drill down in detail as required to a single appliance or cost centre as defined by you. Additional usage alerts and alarms can be set to encourage prompt action internally.

Software reports

The extensive reporting suite can be printed locally or emailed to other interested parties. The data and be imported and exported through Excel spreadsheets, email, CSV file or HTML.

Advanced Analysis, Reporting and Auditing

When you get access to this market leading software you'll be able to monitor your entire energy usage for your organisation. The built-in reporting suite is flexible to cater for all your requirements but bespoke solutions are also available.

Your organisation will benefit as follows:

  • Get a clear understanding of how and where your energy is being used in your organisation 24 hours a day 7 days per week.
  • Benefit from live data highlighting consumption deviations using alerts and alarm systems to reduce waste and overall consumption.
  • Be able to monitor multi-site premises and compare results.
  • Produce timely reports, graphs and charts to present findings to areas of your business.
  • Monitor precise appliances, computers, air conditioning units etc to analyse exact usage over time.

For a demonstration, please use our call back request form or call us for more information.

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