Management Solutions to Reduce Your Energy Procurement Costs

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Many larger organisations pay a substantial amount each year to procurement companies to manage their energy supplies.

By using our industry leading software solutions you can automate the entire process. You can substantially reduce your procurement and energy costs and be in full control of your energy management.

Seamless Tendering and Contract Renewals

At Energy Experts, we have access to all the major power companies to provide an independent analysis of customer needs.

Procurement graphThe procurement, tendering and contract tariff analysis that we undertake is acknowledged as being market leading in energy management by a utility broker.

You can manage one or a thousand different sites through one tool.

Lowest Prices - Full Support

The analysis of current and potential contract prices is just the starting point the automated procurement process.

Managment of contracts onlineYou will obtain the lowest prices possible in the market whilst saving time and money during the process.

With full support available from industry leading experts your business energy will be managed efficiently.

We Guarantee to Save You Money

We offer completely impartial advice on your gas and electricity buying process. If you use an external company to manage this today we can probably save your organisation a huge percentage of the fees you currently pay.

We'll work with you on your current process to ensure every aspect is managed correctly, namely:

  • By presenting your usage requirements to the power companies in a unique method you'll receive exclusive prices faster than anyone else.
  • By managing the contract renewal process proactively we are generally able to maintain or reduce unit kWh prices year after year.
  • As everything is fully automated contract procurement across your whole organisation will take hours rather than weeks or even months.
  • By proactively monitoring the wholesale market we know the most favourable times to obtain quotes. Prices are only ever valid for 24 hours. We have saved one company an additional 10% on their rates by delaying signing a contract by two days.
  • Once the energy has been procured to need to ensure your invoices are accurate. Our software integrates with your usage data and invoices to reconcile and produce automated error reports as necessary.

    This alone will save you on manual invoice validation services and is included with the software package.

Reducing the Complexity of the Energy Market

With wholesale markets remaining volatile and managing hundreds of sites you may think it's a complex area. The Energy Experts' software products will enable you to manage all your energy requirements from your desktop. Much is fully automated and integrates into all the major energy company systems.

Our extensive network of providers and exclusive partnerships also ensure you obtain the cheapest prices available. There is a wide range of options available to ensure total process management is maintained at all times.

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