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How Does the Half Hourly Meter Market Operate?

All commercial premises with consumption over 100kWh in any 30 minute period has a half hourly meter.

Approximately 115,000 businesses have these meters for high use energy consumption. Obtaining prices is a specialist process as direct negotiations with the energy providers have to take place.

Energy Experts half hourly division will negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best contract for your circumstances.

So how does it work ?

Comparing Prices for HH Meters

The EnergyExperts half hourly team negotiates on your behalf with all the major power companies. Our unrivaled knowledge of this sector ensures we obtain some of the lowest prices in the industry.

We'll contact all suppliers that will quote for your consumption level and present all offers and contract types to you. By utilising our knowledge and experience you'll receive the following service :

  • Free no-obligation quotes from at least 6 suppliers
  • Market leading advice on the best types of HH meters for your business
  • Fast turnaround time from authority to quotes
  • We'll handle all the contract requirements and switching on your behalf
  • You get free access to our energy management software

What is the Difference Between and Standard and Half Hourly Meter?

A standard meter simply records the energy usage and presents a cumulative view of units used to date. The meter needs to be manually read and recorded to generate bills and invoices.

A half hourly meter is automatically read every 30 minutes (hence the name half hourly) and the data is transmitted back to your current supplier. The data is mainly used to generate bills and calculate tariffs. However it can also be automatically fed into energy management software to produce analysis and reports.

The meter is designated by the first two numbers being "00" and is sometimes referred to as a 00 meter. Standard meters begin with 01 or 02 (mainly for residential properties) or 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 and 08 for lower consumption businesses.

Advanced Analysis and Reporting

You can use all the data collected by your HH meter yourself to help manage efficiency in your organisation.

There are several management software packages on the market and ours is highly recommended by large business users and facilities management companies.

You'll be able to track usage overall but also drill down in detail to the lowest level required. This could mean by site or branch level but also departments or even by device type (such as air conditioning unit, one laptop computer or television).

Over time the reporting will show trends on usage and the costs involved. Our software is provided free of charge to any business using over 500,000 kWh per year of electricity. Get more information on energy management and how it can help your business reduce their energy expenditure.

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